List of 5: A Saturday inside

I don’t get many days off where I am alone in the house and not a single person needs me for anything.

Yesterday I finally had one of those days and it was wonderful. I slept in till 8am (do you remember when sleeping in was not leaving your bed till afternoon and now 8am seems like a dream.

 I had such a productive and relaxed day and it was glorious.

  1. I watched a movie. I seriously suggest watching Two Night Stand it was great.
  2. I made crock pot apple sauce again, this time I used maple syrup to sweeten and the boyfriend said this was his favourite applesauce.
  3. I read through cookbooks and made two recipes from my Gluten Free on a shoestring cookbooks. Protein granola bars and matzoh ball soup. Both of which turned out amazing.
  4. I did laundry, cleaned the oven and the kitchen.
  5. Best of all I ended the evening handing out candy to adorable Halloween trick or treaters, wore my most comfortable track pants and ate Doritos.

It’s now Sunday which to most people means a day a of rest but for me that means raking leaves and a possible adventure.



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